Verslo Namai the Property Managment Company in Vilnius Lithuania

Verslo Namai the property management company in Vilnius was established by Alistair Day-Stirrat and Jonas Kisielius. Guiding property buyers investing in Lithuania for more than 10 years



"As a Brit in Lithuania I felt that there was a niche for offering full property management to investors from abroad. There were a lot of real estate companies at the time making a lot of money from sales and developing. But the management side was not being looked at.


As a property owner myself I was acutely aware of the pitfalls facing buyers, especially those from abroad, having been all three at one point or another, tenant, landlord, and investor.


Sharing our experiences and wealth of knowledge gained over the last 10 years is something we enjoying doing. Under the right terms, Lithuania can be a rewarding place to do business”. 

                                                                                                           Alistair Day-Stirrat


“My role is being hands on doing the day-to-day property management. Such as overseeing maintenance, vetting tenants, concluding contracts.


It’s important we bridge the language and culture cap. I fill the last point of contact between the investor and tenant.


I coordinate our property managers, in-house maintenance team and subcontractors”

                                                                                                 Jonas Kisielius


Complete Management Services

Are you tired of the stress of managing your own property? Are you unhappy with your current management company?  Let Verslo Namai show you what good management can do for you.